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Transportation in Oxford

Oxford is home to quirky traditions, literary legends, killer cuisine, and of course, Ole Miss. With all that Oxford has to offer, from parties to football to festivals, it’s important to be able to find a reliable and wallet-friendly way to get around town. Let’s explore our options!

Some town favorites include Flying Tuk, Randall Lacey Taxi and the OUT bus.

Flying Tuk is definitely the most unique ways to get around town. Tuks offer a breezy, open-air ride different from traditional closed-up taxis. Tuks can fit up to six people at a time and are super safe because they only go around 35 mph. Another perk? They’re 100% electric. But the best part has to be that they only cost $5 per ride! Good luck finding prices like that anywhere else. What a fun, unique, and environmentally friendly way to scoot around town!

Randall Lacey is a longtime favorite of Kendall’s. He is a great and trustworthy person, plus he can set up student accounts! He drives a large Suburban, so there’s plenty of room and offers rides for an affordable price. The great thing about having a go-to driver like Randall is the comfort of always knowing the person that’s picking you up, unlike Uber or Lyft! All you have to do is text or call him and he will be en route to pick you or your student up! His phone number is (662) 816-3448.

The Oxford University Transit, or better known as the OUT bus, is a very reliable way to get from place to place. It’s also extremely affordable being free for Ole Miss Students, faculty and staff, as well as children under 38”. Not a student? No worries! Rides for adults are only $1 but can be even lower with the right form of ID; school ID, proof of being 65+ years old, or disability. If you do not qualify for a free ride but need access to the bus often, monthly passes may also be purchased. The downside? Sometimes OUT can be a little off schedule but nothing major. They also don’t run all lines on the weekends. Only four busses run on Saturdays and none run on Sundays.

Some apartment complexes also have their own shuttles, but these only run on game days and weekend nights, Thursday-Saturday from 9 p.m. to around 2 a.m. They’re a great resource for residents because they’re usually large like a bus and FREE! There is a downside, though. Some apartment complexes only let you ride if you have a resident pass or guest pass. No pass, no ride.

There is always Uber. It’s pretty popular and can be cheap but honestly prices can crawl on up there on busier weekends and end up being more than other cab companies around Oxford. Uber is a gamble with whether or not you’ll be getting a better deal in the end.

Other trusted options include:

  • Austin Taxi

  • Varsity Taxi

  • Zoe’s taxi

  • Rebel taxi

  • Rebel ride

  • Q’s taxi

  • Oxford taxi

  • Angel taxi

  • Dixie taxi

Basic Tip: Never take rides from strangers or people not affiliated with an accredited transportation service!

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