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Intro to Dorm Rooms

Choosing a college dorm as a freshman is more than deciding where you will sleep at night. The dorm you stay in could potentially make or break your first year of college, so it is important to choose carefully.

My very best friends throughout college were girls that lived on my floor freshman year. I met some of them on move-in day, some I met on the elevator on the first day of class and some I met from messaging in our floor’s Groupme. I actually met Kendall in the Martin Hall move-in line, we just so happened to be next-door neighbors and have been friends ever since! My friends from freshman year and I always reminisce on how we all met, and we are so grateful that we all chose the same floor in the same dorm to live in or else we would have never met.

When your child is deciding where to live as a freshman, they should first take into consideration their personality. If they’re a little more adventurous and social, then a traditional dorm like Martin, Stockard, Crosby or Stewart is the place for them. These dorms are old, the bathrooms are unpleasant, and the elevators are broken more often than they are working. Keep in mind these buildings were built between 1952 and 1973. However, these dorms offer a full on college dorm experience, and they create a social atmosphere. I guess sharing a bathroom with dozens of people is a really good way to meet people.

If your child is a person that prefers nicer living conditions, then the contemporary dorms or residential college is the place for them. These buildings offer in-room bathrooms, community kitchens, lounges and study rooms. The residential college has its own marketplace so access to food is super easy and convenient. These buildings house male and female students, whereas the traditional dorms have them separated. Although meeting people in the traditional dorms comes a little easier, these dorms still offer the opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.

For a complete break down of the amenities each type of student residence offers, go here. If your student hasn’t already applied to live on campus, make sure they go ahead and do that because the deadline is approaching fast. Pro tip: if they complete their housing application prior to 4pm on April 6, they will have the option to choose their room on the first day its offered. More information about the incoming freshman application and housing timeline can be found here.

What were the dorms like when you were in college? Are you for the more luxurious living conditions that the contemporary dorms and residential college offer? Or do you think students should have to “rough it” their first year of college and live in the traditional dorms? Let me know in the comments below!

A photo of me at the start of move-in day! It took us about 6 hours to transform the room...

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