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An EASY and HEALTHY Meal to Cook?! Tell Your College Kids!

You have to remember that series of books, “Chicken Soup for the (INSERT YOUR FAV THING> Soul,” right? Today, more than 250 versions of the book have been published and more than 500 million copies sold. What happened to Chicken Soup for the Soul? Honestly, I haven’t heard of it in years but a recent dinner time meal made me reminisce about it. The other “Chicken Soup” manufactured by Campbell’s is similar in its typeface and logo design. And so while cooking this recent meal, a prepared meal (shriek!) by Campbell’s I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be any good? I was totally expecting my hard-to-please 7 year old to turn his nose up. Instead, I was picking my chin off the table when he said he “loved it” and “wanted more.” I did not hesitate. And it did taste good, even to my foodie self. I hadn’t looked at the nutrition label yet, and was sure it was full of fat and sodium. I mean, how could a 7 year-old like it?

Well, my Campbell’s Skillet Sauces Chicken Marsala only had 4 grams of fat in my serving and 370mg of sodium. WHAT? My husband liked, I liked, my kids liked and I didn’t spend 120 minutes in the kitchen cooking 3 dishes to make 1 entrée. MOTHERHOOD at its finest.

The next day while working on something POM related, I couldn’t help but remember my victory from the night before. For sure we would eat another version of Campbell’s Skillet Sauces soon, but then it dawned on me: My sweet Ole Miss students don’t know how to cook and Campbell’s is to the rescue for them, too! I knew I had to share my good news with you fellow mamas. So tell your son or daughter, who is trying to cook something either to impress a date, or just eat well, that this can be theirs too! Here in Oxford at both Kroger and Walmart!

Chicken Soup is really good for the soul after all! #POMparentingwin

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