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Happy Double Decker Weekend!

Ahhh TGIDD! It is a beautiful Friday here in Oxford and the forecast calls for more perfect weather for the remainder of the weekend. When I say perfect, I mean PERFECT – 73 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I have a feeling this might be the best Double Decker Festival yet.

The festivities kicked off this morning at 9 am with artist demonstrations, leading into Double Decker bus tours and music beginning at 6pm. Tomorrow begins with a 5k and a 10k at 7:30 am. My friends are trying to convince me to do the 10k with them, but personally, I would prefer to kick my Saturday morning off with a mimosa rather than any form of exercise. Thankfully, registration is still open until 7:15 am tomorrow morning, so I have a feeling my arm will be twisted to run the 10k (assuming there’s a mimosa in my future after the finish line). For more info on the races click here. One of our parent bloggers shared her take on the DD races here and has even made it a yearly tradition! Who knows, maybe if I survive the 10k, I’ll make it a yearly tradition too!

On another note, the FOOD is going to be amazing! There are 28 booths dedicated to solely food AND of course, the restaurants on the Square will be serving up their notoriously delicious cuisine as well.

My personal favorite part of Double Decker weekend is the art. There will be well over 100 different artists present, all of which are unique and extremely talented. I purchase some sort of art piece each year and it is always so hard to choose between all of the amazing options! I love supporting artists because I so admire their entrepreneurship and talent.

Last, but certainly not least, the music. Double Decker wouldn’t be the same without the music. There are incredible musicians from all over coming to perform. There will be a large stage set up in the Square and will feature 11 acts – I mean does DD get any better!?

Needless to say, myself and the rest of the POM team are beyond excited for Double Decker weekend. Its an Oxford holiday, after all! Who all is in town this weekend for DD? If you couldn’t make it this year, be sure to mark your calendar for next! It is an Oxford must-do.

Pro Tip: If you plan on eating or drinking at any of the local bars on Saturday, I would recommend swinging by at 11 am. Why? Because it will save time and money! Just swing by the bars you plan to visit at 11am and get a wristband so you’re set for the rest of the day! I imagine there won’t be a cover at 11am and if there is, it won’t be nearly as expensive as later in the day/night. My family does that every year and it works like a charm!

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