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Move-In Week: Are You Ready?

In less than a month, you’ll be hearing “Mom, you carry the bedding, Dad, you get the headboard and I’ll take care of the clothes. Let’s go!”

That’s right folks; Groovin at Move-In kicks off Wednesday, August 15th and will end Friday, August 17th. You may be mentally preparing yourself for the craziness - hundreds of families moving into the same building simultaneously – but it’s nothing to dread! Move-in week is so well-organized by the university. There are several volunteers from various organizations to assist with the moving process, so you will not take on this day alone.

Each dorm has a designated move-in day. If you are unsure of what your move-in date may be, click here or refer to the Parents Of Ole Miss newsletter. Some of the larger dorm buildings such as Martin, Stockard and Crosby have different days for different floors, so make sure you are aware of which floor your child’s dorm is located! Your child will need their student ID, which they receive at Orientation, for check-in. Don’t forget it!

If you are a parent who has to travel by plane or simply doesn’t have enough room in your vehicle, you may want to consider shipping items to the university prior to your move in date. The Campus Package Center is located near Brown Hall and has great summer shipping options. Just contact them at (662)607-1104 and they will get you all fixed up! You can also set up your child’s on-campus mailbox while you’re there. Here is a link to rules about on-campus move-in.

Move-in is an emotional event for every parent. Once they are moved in, they will be on their own until Thanksgiving break. Make the most of it - enjoy your time together and take advantage of all the fun things to do in Oxford! If you are interested in going out to eat with your family during move in week, you may want to consider making reservations. Move-in week in Oxford will be just as busy as a football weekend, so make sure to stay a head of the game and plan accordingly. The same goes for hotel rooms during that week. After a long day of lifting, moving and organizing you will want a convenient place to rest up for the next day. If you haven’t already, go ahead and make your hotel arrangements. Here are some of our favorites that still have availability for move-in week:

So, soon-to-be empty nesters, start getting excited for this huge step in your child’s life! Begin making arrangements now so you can relax during your child’s last couple of days at home. As always, if you have any questions about move in, please let us know! You can reach us on Facebookor shoot us an email at We can’t wait to have your kids here in Oxford!

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