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The Skinny on Game Day: Part 1

There is nothing like Game Day in Oxford, Mississippi. From the Grove and Walk of Champions to hearing The Pride of the South marching band perform on the field – not to mention the red-and-blue clad crowd cheering on the Rebels with the famous “Hotty Toddy” chant – Ole Miss probably offers the best game day experience out there. In this series of articles, we will give you tips to make the most of your visit to see the Ole Miss Rebels play

Here's some tips about tickets and Vaught Hemmingway stadium:

What’s the best way to buy tickets?

Buying tickets to any game is simple. Many websites such as StubHub and Ticket Master offer tickets to NCAA sporting events. You can also purchase tickets from the Ole Miss Ticket office. Last-minute deals can be found from individuals selling tickets in the Grove or outside the stadium, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get good seats - or enough seats together - if you go this route. For big games such as; Alabama, Egg Bowl, Homecoming, and Auburn, I would recommend getting tickets now. If you plan to travel to Ole Miss away games, you probably want to be sitting in the Ole Miss section. The best way to insure you’ll be surrounded by fellow rebels, is to get away game tickets through the Ole Miss Ticket office. Where should I sit?

The one place you probably don’t want to be sitting in or near (as a parent), is the student section. Profanity and adult beverages could be found flying around in the student section, therefore it's not ideal for families with smaller children. East, West, and South sections are where most families and non-students sit. Remember the sun rises in the East and sets in the West - this is something to also thinking about depending on game time. Here’s a map of the stadium seating. Anything else I need to know? 1. Make sure you get familiar with the SEC’s Clear Bag Policy. 2. Once you leave the stadium you cannot re-enter. 3. For the first couple of games, you might want to bring sunscreen, a hat and a fan. Trust me, you’ll need it! For the games in late October and November – bundle up. The weather in Mississippi goes from unbearably hot to bitter cold in a matter of weeks! Stay tuned for more gameday tips in future articles on website and Facebook page.

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