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Mississippi (Day) Trips Part 1: The Delta

In the Mississippi Delta, you see where the backroads take you. This part of Mississippi has rich soil and a rich history to go with it. The delta is the birthplace of the Blues, and is often dubbed the “Most Southern Place on Earth.” Take a look at some of the great stops the Delta can offer! You can make this a day trip, as it's only a couple of hours from Oxford; or you can plan to stay overnight in the Delta. Here is some information to help plan your trip!


Shack Up Inn

Experience the Delta the authentic way by shacking up at the Shack Up Inn! This rustic, vintage hotel let’s you know right off “the Ritz they ain’t!” Featuring live music and cold beer in the "lobby," this experience puts you right in the center of the Mississippi Blues culture. (pictured above)

The Delta Blues Museum

This museum is located on “The Crossroads” where Blues began. It’s been open since 1979, and is dedicated to preserving the history of the beginning of Blues and and creating a new generation of Blues fans.