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Finals Week Tidbits

How is almost the end of spring semester?! This semester seemed to have just flown by! Finals are scheduled for May 6th-10th. Finding a place to study that is quiet and not extremely packed can be very frustrating during finals week. Everyone tries to go to the library, and a lot of times you can spend 30 minutes just trying to find a place to sit! These apartment complexes are all offering quiet places to study for their residents, as well as study snacks and materials for the busy week.

Uncommon Oxford​ has study areas for their residents that include several tables and chairs that provide a great place to quietly study.

The Retreat has study rooms in the main building for students to peacefully study during finals week. They will be holding a resident appreciation week that will include breakfast one morning, a trivia day, lunch will be served a few of the days, and on a certain day they will pick up all the residents trash for them so they don’t have to worry about taking it out for themselves.

•​ The Archive will be passing out cereal bars and granola bars throughout study rooms and on campus the week of finals. They will be handing out red bulls and other energy drinks as well around campus and to their residents.

Lexington Pointe will have quiet hours at the club house for residents to be able to study. They will be handing out goody bags AND breakfast will be served to reside