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Flu Season is Coming

Most doctors are predicting a moderate to severe flu season in the United States and say it’s not too soon to start thinking about getting a flu shot. Trends show that the flu season has been peaking a month or two before it normally does, suggesting that between September and October is the time to get your flu shot! By the end of the first month of fall semester, between sharing living space and attending classes with hundreds of other students, germs are likely to spread, and sickness is definitely starting to set in across campus. But don’t worry, our friends at Ole Town Med are to make sure your student is happy and healthy throughout the school year! While it’s possible to get the flu year-round, the fall and winter months are prime flu season (and staying indoors makes it even easier to pass illnesses on to the people you live with). This is magnified when it comes to dorm living!

In addition to getting a flu shot, there are other things your student can do to stay healthy during “flu season.” A routine including regular exercise, a balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep and limiting stress levels is a great place to start. And, of course, we should all be washing our hands and disinfecting surfaces regularly. In addition to trying to prevent the flu and other sicknesses, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on pantry staples such as fluids (juice, tea, crackers and canned soups), tissues and over-the-counter medication just in case. If your student does find themselves under the weather, Oxford Town Concierge can get them any meds or groceries they might need – or just deliver some food, flowers, treats or goodies to make them feel better! It is so important that your student give themselves some time off if they do get diagnosed with the flu, as it can last longer than a cold and take some time

to recuperate. It is also absolutely necessary that they stay home from work and school to prevent spreading germs to others!

As a college student myself, I can confidently say there’s no time I felt more homesick than when I had the flu. Pass this on to your students and reiterate how important it is to get their flu shot (from Ole Town Med!), and take care of themselves!

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