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Tutors to the Rescue!

If your student is worried about keeping up in their classes and understanding all the material, don’t stress! Oxford has the tutoring and academic resources to make sure your student succeeds in school.

PODS (Personalized Off-campus Destination Studying) is located on West Oxford Loop. They offer tutoring, study space, group projects, homework help and test prep. PODS has three different semester-long membership options for your student. These memberships vary in price depending on number of reserved hours and rooms. Click here to read more about a PODS membership for your student. Finding an open spot in the J.D. Williams Library during midterm and finals week is a nightmare. Purchasing a membership for your student would save them the stress of searching for a quiet, comfortable space to study.

Collegiate Tutoring is a local tutoring service that is incredibly simple for your student to sign up for. They simply fill out an intake form and within the next 24 hours, they will hear from their support team with more information and an invitation to join their campus account. During the session, your student will discuss study strategies, tips for tests and practice homework problems.

Most professors offer “SI sessions” which are student-instructed reviews of the course material held outside of class time. They are totally optional, but a great resource to utilize. Your student has the opportunity to ask questions to teacher assistants in a small setting and establish connections with classmates. SI sessions are definitely a huge reason why I was able to get through Bio 160 freshman year! Advise your student to look for more information about these sessions on their syllabuses or shoot their professor an e-mail about it.

Also, The Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience has a tutoring resource and help session page on their website. It includes all majors offered at Ole Miss and where to go for additional help or tutoring. You can see the list here.

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