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4 Ways To Pamper Your Student In Starkville

Midterms are coming up, and that means your student may need help from the people they love the most. Treat them to their favorite things that they can have in Starkville, and sometimes without even leaving their house!

1. Facial - Treat your girl to a facial or eyebrow/lash treatment from The Beauty Bar. Classes can be stressful, and she deserves some time to relax and unwind. The Beauty Bar can help accomplish that for her! Send a gift card or tell her she has an appointment.

2. Goody baskets - Whether a girl or guy, Fleur de Lis Flowers and Gifts and State Floral can help. By packing up a goody basket full of their favorite treats, snacks, and drinks, they will be able to make it through midterms knowing that they have something to snack on. Sometimes, these places can even deliver!

3. Dinner or a movie - Find out their favorite restaurant or a restaurant that they have always wanted to try. Send them a gift card with a note telling them to take a break and enjoy dinner on you! Add in a gift card to UEC Theaters and let them enjoy a movie too!

4. Popcorn - The Pop Porium has over 95 flavors of popcorn that are sure to make your student's mouth water. Be sure to stock them up on their late night study snacks by sending them a popcorn basket.

Even if you can't send your student a gift card, money, or basket, write them a note. Tell them you are thinking about them, and let them know that you are proud of them. A handwritten note from home means more to some than anything else!

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