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Advice from Our Favorite Twins

Kat and Margaret King with King Twin Tutoring are passionate about what they do. They don't just tutor students. The King Twins do so much more. They are motivators, organizers, and confidence boosters. Of course, they want your students to succeed in the classroom but more importantly, succeed in life. They have a few tips of advice they wanted us to share you with you guys......So here you go!

1. Get organized and stay organized. Distractions are a way of life on a daily basis. Once you are organized, your goal is to stay organized. Veering off course will happen—it’s a reality. The important thing is to get back on course as quickly as possible.

2. Don’t wait too long to get help. Don’t get lost. Once you realize you don’t understand the material, call for help.

3. Start the semester off with an A in your courses and the end of the semester may be a breeze, possibly even some exemptions.

4. Don’t wait until the last minute to get assignments completed. Writing a paper just before it’s due at midnight hardly ever works out well. Same with Accounting and Math homework assignments.

5. Studying for tests is easier when homework assignments are completed timely.

6. With courses that involve solving problems such as math, practice IS the key to success.

7. Above all, ‘Keep The Main Thing, The Main Thing’! What is your goal? Is it to graduate with a degree in Engineering? Well then, keep that as your “Main Thing”.

8. Don’t be lazy! You can’t keep The Main Thing the Main Thing if you’re lazy. And no one wants to employ someone who is lazy.

9. Enjoy your college years but don’t ‘party’ too much. You don’t want to look back with regrets.

10. Don’t overload the number of coursework hours.

11. A tutor is just one of the tools to success. Remember, it’s up to you to study the material!

Let King Twin Tutoring help you be successful. Please visit our website: or call 662-222-1995.

Good luck this year and Hotty Toddy!

Kat and Margaret King

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