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An Open Letter from Our Seniors

As with many phases in life, during your last semester of college, you always think you’ll have time: time to hang out with that friend before you split to opposite ends of the country, time to see another baseball game, time to walk the Drill Field to class again, time. Unfortunately, along with many other seniors around the country, our time on campus was cut short by the COVID-19 crisis. We had to quickly gather our things out of dorms and apartments and say hasty goodbyes, feeling cheated and unable to say the proper farewell to the four years of our life we spent at Mississippi State.

I’ll be honest, I’ve turned over multiple ways to write a heartfelt article about the feelings of a senior that just lost their last few weeks of college and their commencement ceremony in a matter of days. I could write down a million words that encapsulate the emotions felt by all of us: loss, heartache, confusion, regret, to name a few. However, I figured I would not speak for the whole of my class, and instead asked a few of the seniors I know what they would miss most about Mississippi State and the end of their final semester. Here are their responses:

“I’m going to miss all of the last’s I think. The last sporting event of the year, the last time going to class, the last time hanging out with some of the friends we’ve made over the past four years.” - Marissa P. of Guyton, GA

“Seeing the people I get to call family every day! They helped make MSU my home away from home! I will miss them all dearly!” - Emily W. of Chatom, AL

“I’ll miss the friendships that were made.” - Arlie B. of Charleston, MS

“It’s my last year as an RA and I don’t get to finish with my residents.” - Jaleyn P. of Memphis, TN

“Being a transfer student made my time at Mississippi State shorter than most. While reflecting on my short time I had here, I think what I will miss most is simply our beautiful campus. Spring time is always my favorite, seeing the beautifully bloomed flowers while walking to class always made it a good day!” - Maranda M. of Ardmore, AL

“I hate that I won’t get to give my professors and instructors the proper goodbyes that they deserve. They have changed my life for the better, and I greatly appreciate their wisdom and guidance throughout these four years. It’s hard knowing I’ll never sit in another classroom with them again.” - Amelia H. of Philadelphia, MS

“I’ll miss campus in the spring. It’s so pretty when all the flowers bloom, and we won’t be there to see it one last time.” - Morgan L. of Springfield, Illinois

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