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Bring Your Own Mattress To College

It's time to move your student in. Whether you have already moved them in or you are about to, there is likely to be something you forget or don't think of. Have you thought about a mattress? If your student is moving into an unfurnished apartment where you supply everything, then you probably have. But if your student is moving into a residence hall or furnished apartment, you are probably not thinking about a mattress. Should you?

Mattresses in residence halls and apartments can be a hit or miss. Some apartments have new and updated mattresses, while some still have thin, plastic, mattresses. Residence hall living can be a struggle for some, especially dealing with the mattresses that they provide. Why not ensure that your student is sleeping in comfort every single night on a new, fresh, and clean mattress? Plus, a good night's sleep will mean more energy and strength for the next day, possibly even leading to better grades and study habits.

So, where can you get your student a new mattress? There are several options in and around the Starkville area where you can buy a new mattress for your student. Some of these options even offer delivery to the Starkville area.

Home Store Furnishings

Spiller Furniture & Mattress

Mattress Clearance Center of Starkville

Rick's Furniture Market

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