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Does your student need their STUFF?!

Catherine Mize, a lifelong resident of Oxford, has had a local pet-sitting business, Companion Pet Services, for 2 years. Some of her clients are college students from out-of-state. With everything going on with COVID-19 and classes moving online, most all of her student-aged clients moved home a few weeks ago with no idea when or if they would be able to return. Some of these clients have reached out to Mize, who is currently not operating her pet sitting business (due to COVID-19), to ask if she would be interested in packing up their belongings, ship the boxes to them, then clean the apartment.

If you are in a similar situation, she would love to help you, too! She can box up all of your belongings and either ship them home or move them to storage, move furniture to storage, mail a few items back home, and have your place cleaned before your lease is up.

References available. Licensed and insured. 662-832-0423

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