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How to Create a Classy Apartment on a Budget

Let’s face it, college students have an expensive taste of style, but don’t have the extra cash laying around to pay for trendy home decor items. Some of the best home decor pieces that are also easy on your wallet can be found at Walmart and Amazon. We have made a list of a few of our favorite items that will catch your eye and will fit into your budget.

- Add an accent tray to your bedroom to display your perfume and a few pieces of jewelry, or you can place it on a coffee table in the living room to hold your remotes, coasters, or you can even use it to serve food. This durable and stylish tray comes in a variety of colors and has great reviews on amazon.

- Fashion designer books are great aesthetics to add to your coffee table or bookshelf. Amazon has an amazing selection of beautiful fashion books that will create that feminine look to your apartment.

- Artificial flowers are a go-to if you want to achieve the shabby chic look in your apartment. These already come in a vase and you can choose between a pale pink and white peonies. They add a pop of color to a boring coffee table or you can use it as a centerpiece on a kitchen table or island, plus you don’t have to worry about the upkeep like regular flowers!

- Self adhesive wallpaper to cover any outdated and dull furniture. I love how easy it is to peel and stick wallpaper to give an old piece of furniture a brand new look. You can use this granite wallpaper to cover the top of a desk, kitchen and bathroom counters, bookshelves and makeup vanities.

- Gold picture and poster frames are affordable and are gorgeous to display your favorite musician, designer, or a photo you love. If you really want to create a luxury and clean look, have all of your posters or photos in black and white. The contrast with the gold and black and white photos create a beautiful visual and people will think you spent way more than you actually did.

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