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Oxford is Full of Pretty Smiles Thanks to our Dentists!

As we all know, the years you spend in college can be some of the busiest of your life!

Between the hours at school, social events, work, and everything in between, most college students have a jam-packed schedule. Such a busy schedule in fact, that it may be easy to forget about your health and hygiene sometimes. Despite this, our college kids need attention to their health, and specifically their teeth, just as much as anyone. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but maybe your student needs a little nudge from other than their mother (or father)…. So students… this is for you…. Another lists of reasons why it’s especially important for college students (YOU) to regularly visit a dentist.

  • Stress affects your oral health.

Just like everything else in your body, when your stress is high, your immune system is weakened, which can make it difficult to fight off bacterial infections in the mouth. Stress can cause you to grind your teeth, trigger canker sores, create TMJ disorders, and even put you at a higher risk for gum diseases. Having regular appointments with your dentist can help you with these issues and help prevent them for the future! Who knew stress could play havoc on your teeth SO bad!?

  • Coffee mornings and wine nights aren’t great for your teeth!

Coffee and wine (or any alcohol, really) are known to cause teeth staining due to its acidity and chemical makeup. Coffee and alcohol are obviously very popular in college culture, and any regular consumers of these beverages should take precaution by having regular dental check ins. Also think about this: wine is made from grapes (a lot of grapes smashed to make 1 bottles)… which contains natural sugars. And what has your dentist told you causes cavities? Sugar. And if you don’t brush your teeth at night? Yup, those yummy wine sugars sit and play around on your cute young enamel. ——> cavities. Also, don’t forget that just plain ole juice has LOTS of sugar… so if you think your being healthy and drinking lots of cranberry juices, or turmeric juices… those also contain natural sugars… ——-> cavities. This is NOT your mama talking!

  • Wisdom teeth typically come around college years.

Most wisdom teeth erupt around the late teenage and early twenties, so if your student is experiencing any pain, discomfort, or inflammation, it is probably time to make an appointment and get that checked out! Definitely don’t want all those braces years to come to waste!

  • Basic hygiene upkeep is very important!

Even if your student doesn’t experience any specific issues with their oral health, everyone struggles with hygiene upkeep from time to time. To clean any buildup, to prevent health problems from occurring in the future, or even just to make sure your student has a good flossing technique, an annual dentist appointment is important for all of these issues! Did you know most dental insurances cover 2 visits per year for hygienic cleaning? But why should your student HAVE to come home for a routine cleaning? They don’t! We have amazing dentists here in Oxford (of which MANY have gotten their dental degrees from none other than Ole Miss!). But much like your home town, our dentists stay busy and getting on their 6 month cleaning rotation is a good idea to do as far in advance as possible.

  • It ensures they will have good health habits for their future.

One of the biggest aspects of college life is transitioning into adulthood and learning how to take care of yourself. By encouraging your students to make regular dentist check-ins, you can help them create a good habit that will last a lifetime! Your dentist will guide them into making the best decisions for their teeth according to their personal needs.

No matter what your reason may be, it is important for everyone to have their teeth checked on a regular basis, especially college students! If you are looking for a trusted dentists in Oxford, local favorites are Oxford Dental and Life Dental.

Life Dental prioritizes quality care and patients’ comfort above all else. Whether you are seeking a whitening treatment, fillings, Botox, Invisalign, or basic hygiene check ups, Life Dental is here to care for any of your oral health needs.

Oxford Dental might hold the longest standing combined years of dentistry in Oxford. Dr. Walker Swaney might have been in school with Archie, but he’s taken great pride in growing his practice through the years with hiring younger dentist blood that keeps the practice as modern as a brand new practice, but as old fashioned as knowing how to handle their customers like the Ritz Carlton.

So it’s a great time to “save” these numbers to your phone. Life Dental at (662) 281-8455 and Oxford Dental at (662) 234-5222 or visit their websites at or for more information. We can’t wait to see your shining smile after your next dentist appointment!

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