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POCS Gift Choices Part 3

Having a difficult time finding creative and unique gifts for friends or family members for this holiday season? We have you covered with a few items that we think are unique. We have found a few items that we love that we know will be great gifts for your friends or family.

1. Cozy PJ Sets

We know everyone has been living in their pjs recently, so giving someone a good pair would be a great gift! We absolutely love PJ Harlow and Barefoot Dreams pajamas and know that they would be a great gift for someone who is all about having a lounging day at home or that is working from home. Click the links below to browse all of the comfy pajamas:

2. Bark Box

Have friends or family that love their dogs? Giving them a subscription of a Bark Box would be the perfect gift for your dog loving friends and family! Each box will come with different treats and toys that are specialized to the person’s likings. Not only do they give you treats and toys, but they also will have themed boxes for the Holidays. Click here to get more info:

3. Shower Speaker

Do you have a friend that is constantly listening to music wherever they go? The perfect gift for them would be a shower speaker. No more leaving your phone outside of the shower or putting it in a plastic Ziploc bag just to listen to music. All you have to do is connect this speaker to your phone via Bluetooth and then enjoy listening to music while you shower. Click here to buy it:

4. Microwave Popcorn Popper

Who doesn’t love eating popcorn while watching a good movie? This bowl is its own microwave so you can have your popcorn popped right in your lap. This invention gives you just that while having it right next to you instead of having to use your actual microwave to pop your popcorn. It is a no oil popper and folds down for easy storage.

5. MK Decker Designs

Do you know someone that is looking for new and fun artwork for their home or apartment? MK Decker Designs makes beautiful pieces and can custom make them for you as well. Not only would this be great for a friend or family member but would be great for someone you know that might be going to college next year. It would be a great piece for any dorm. Her artwork is linked below:

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