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Preparing for Midterm Week

The 2020 school year has been unlike no other and the Fall midterm week is nearly here. Midterm week is always a load of stress for both your student and you as a parent – even if their classes are primarily online. Trying to help your students from afar can be difficult, but we have some strategies and advice to help your students from a distance. Being prepared for midterms is crucial and could impact your students’ grades depending on the percentage of the grade it counts for. Below we have strategies and businesses that can help prepare your students for their midterm tests.

Study Tips for Students

1. Plan ahead and manage your time

When it comes to midterm week, your student will have a high possibility of having tests back to back days. This is why planning and time management is so crucial in order for your student to succeed during this important test week. Tell your students to go ahead and write down the dates and time of their tests at least 2 weeks ahead so they have time to plan and study. This will lower you and your students stress and avoid cramming during midterm week.

2. Reach out to Professors

Let your students know that reaching out to their professors could benefit them in the long run during their semester. Establishing a relationship with a professor is beneficial because this class could have over 200 people. Letting your professor know who you are and that you are wanting to succeed and work hard in their class could lead to success. Do not stop there, encourage your students to attend office hours, reach out to teacher’s assistants, or ask professors for good tutors or extra guidance. A little can go a long way!

3. Stay healthy!

Not only is it important to stay healthy during any exam week, but it is especially crucial to stay healthy during a pandemic. Let your student’s know about CDC guidelines and have them be aware that going to outings with a large number of people can put them at risk. Contracting COVID or any other virus during midterm week could impact your student’s grades from being ill. Make sure they keep washing their hands and that they are wearing their masks. Being proactive and using these safety measures will only help your students in the long run. Read again #2. If an illness hits your student midterm week, having that baseline contact relationship with their professor or instructor is critical to their understating for adjustments when in need. Remember not all students are forthright or truthful!

4. Utilize on and off campus tutoring!

University-affiliated tutoring services and non-affiliated services can provide excellent support to your students during stressful test weeks. A longtime fav of Ole Miss students has been King Twin Tutoring offers helpful tutoring services that will be very helpful for your student during this crazy week. They are holding their tutoring services virtually so that safety measures are taken place.

Share on to your student and certainly share your favorites too! Stay safe and study hard!!!

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