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Send Your Student Back Prepared for the New Semester

As your students head back to school, they may need to restock on some items or get some new things! Visit our Amazon Storefront- the link is in our in our bio to shop the items listed below and more!

A new semester means you will need more notebooks. This pack is a great option with multiple different colors and comes with four notebooks for such a great price!

Coat Hangers and space-saving hangers are always great to bring back to school after Winter Break. With your students

probably bringing back new clothes they got from Christmas, make sure they have enough coat hangers at school. Also, these space-saving hangers have provided me with so much more room in my closet!

Get your student a 2023 planner or agenda to help them plan their day-to-day for classes, assignments, and other important activities they have going on! This also makes you feel so accomplished being able to cross things off each day.

As a college student, I personally like to attach pepper spray to my keys as well as have some form of pepper spray in my purse, car or in my apartment. This is a defense spray that contains pepper spray, military tear gas, and UV marking dye with a strap to fit on your hand. It is never a bad idea to have with you something that can protect you if needed! Not to mention, this would be a great stocking stuffer!

Instead of your student messing with their heat all winter, get a space heater for their apartment, a heated blanket, or a warm, fuzzy blanket sweatshirt. These are all great items to stay warm during the cold winter ahead!

You still have time to grab a few of these things and wrap them up under the tree. A week left of shopping time before Christmas! Check out more items we have in our “Back to school must haves” on our Amazon storefront!

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