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Staying Fit While in Oxford

Does your student love their hometown gym or workout class? No worries, Oxford offers a great variety of places for your student to be active and take a break from all those Zoom classes!

On Campus

The University’s South Campus Recreation Center just opened last year and features a walking/jogging track overlooking two basketball courts. The rec center includes all the equipment your student might need, plus three fitness studios and an indoor rock wall! To stay safe and healthy, students are now required to make appointments to allow the Rec Center staff time to clean and prepare the areas for the next group. Check out their website for information regarding times and available facilities!

Information about the Turner Center’s pool and hours can also be found on the website mentioned above.

South Campus Rail Trail, better known as Whirlpool Trails, is a fan favorite for those who love to be active in nature. It is located right across from South Campus Recreation Center and[SM1] is 2.5 miles long, measuring 2.5 miles to the end and 2.5 miles back. This trail is great for a bike ride, run or leisurely stroll. If your student chooses to use Whirlpool Trails be sure they are social distancing and know all the information found on their website.

Off Campus

Hot Worx located right on the Square was the POM Choice 2020 for Best Gym. This is a virtually instructed workout where you can choose which exercise is best fit for you in their infrared sauna and has 24 hr access for members. This is great news for those who love their hometown Hot Worx! To find out more information, go to their website or call (662) 638-3580.

Orangetheory Fitness is a popular spot for college students in Oxford. This is another place your student might already have a membership with in your hometown, but it is never too late to sign up for one and get connected with our local Orangetheory’s helpful staff! You are able to get in a great workout through their classes consisting of rowing, cardio and strength training. Check out their website or call (662) 380-5149.

Oxford Fitness Kickboxing is a fun and entertaining workout that many college students love. This high energy workout is available 7 days a week and is done in intervals allowing you to go at your own pace. Other classes offered here are Jiu-Jitsu training and high intensity circuit training. For more information check out their website or call (662) 801-8400.

Pure Barre features four signature classes including foundations, classic, pure empower and pure reform. If your student loves their barre classes at home or is looking for a low impact, strengthening workout this is the perfect place for them. To find out more check out their website or you can reach them at (662) 638-5272.

A newer spot that opened up this year on the Square is Core Fitness. This is an awesome place for your student if they are interested in pilates classes. Offering everything from Pilates 101 to Pilates plus, there will be a class suited for everyone. Check out their website here or call (662) 371-1796.

Hit Fitness located on University Ave., is another place to get in a good high energy, kickboxing workout. There are different types of kickboxing classes such as core, cardio and fitness kickboxing. Check out their website and find out which is the best fit or call for more information at (662) 238-6292.

Lamar Park is a favorite outdoor space of students and residents. Located off Jackson Avenue on College Hill Road, this family and dog friendly park is filled with unique sculptures, beautiful tree lined trails and a pond frequently occupied by ducks. More information can be found here.

There are also many gyms to choose from here in Oxford including: Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Rebel Body Fitness, Oxford Crossfit and Beach Fit.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is always a balancing act and tends to be a little more difficult in college. With all of these great facilities available there is something for everyone! Please remember to be safe and follow all guidelines while working out!

[SM1]…and is 2.5 miles long.

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