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Swayze Crazy has Started

The Spring semester is in full swing here in Oxford! With all of the rain that this winter season has brought to Oxford, the students are dreaming of warmer weather and sunny days, especially when those days are spent at Swayze Field. Ole Miss is known for its elegant and tasteful Grove experience during football season, but as opening weekend is quickly approaching for the Ole Miss Baseball team, it is time to switch gears. Baseball season is definitely more relaxed than football season, so if dressing to the nines is not your scene, then maybe baseball season better suits you. The young ladies trade their dresses and high heels for jean shorts and tank tops, and the young men throw on some khaki shorts and a collared shirt.

The season opens with games on Friday (2/14) at 4 pm, Saturday (2/15) at 1:30 pm, and Sunday (2/16) at Noon against the #1 ranked team, Louisville. This is one weekend you don’t want to miss! If you can’t make it this weekend, click hereto view the schedule so you can make arrangements to experience at least one weekend at Swayze!

The left field lounge is a popular spot for those that want an outfield experience, but don’t want to be involved in the craziness of the students in the right field. One of my favorite (and most messy) experience is the beer showers in right field when someone hits a homerun because you can just feel the contagious excitement and energy flowing throughout the stadium, and you can’t help but cheer and laugh about it. It is so fun to see how enthusiastic everyone is when “Sweet Caroline” comes on over the loudspeaker. Another entertaining tradition is watching the three different colored life-sized solo cup costumes race each other on the field. The crowd goes wild during this part of the game because it’s so fun to watch and cheer for your favorite color!

There are many options for food, with concession stands placed throughout the stadium, barbeque stands in the outfield for grilling, and even some food trucks that make occasional appearances. Follow the Ole Miss Baseball Twitter account (@olemissbaseball) for updates on special food and drink promotions, and even some fun game day themes!

Even if you aren’t much of a sports person, Swayze Field is a great place to come socialize, relax, or just take a break from school or work

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