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The 3 S's - Stay, Shop and Study

Making a weekend trip to Oxford? The University of Mississippi has so much to offer, but one might ask- what is outside of campus? Despite Oxford being so small, I was completely turned around when first visiting. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite places/outlets that Oxford has to offer.

Oxford, Mississippi has been named America’s best college town in the country by ESPN. While the campus plays a huge role in this ranking, the town also comes into play. Some of Oxford's hotels, The Chancellor’s House and Graduate Oxford, are known for their unique aesthetic and competitive hospitality. These two are a MUST when staying in the Velvet Ditch. My first visit to Ole Miss I was able to stay at the Chancellor's House- wow! Being able to overlook the town I knew I wanted to spend my next 4 years felt so special and brought so much excitement. My parents have never strayed from staying at either the Chancellor's House or Graduate Oxford.

Being able to stay on the square allowed me to walk to some of my favorite stores- Katherine Beck, The Lily Pad and Olive Juice Gifts. As many of us know, Ole Miss is known for its Greek life! With rush week officially over, it’s now time to purchase some sorority merch. Each of these stores, Katherine Beck, Lily Pad and Olive Juice, have a great selection. They create “bid-day baskets” to purchase before/after rush for the girls going through recruitment, including smaller gifts throughout rush week. Receiving all of these gifts from family/friends during recruitment freshman year made the week so memorable. Along with sorority merch, each of these stores sell trendy home decor/essentials. My apartment is stocked with their candles and glassware. I believe that it's not really a trip to the Sip if you didn’t shop on the square!

Believe it or not, I do more than just shopping here- I study too! As someone with ADD, learning is something that doesn’t come as easy as it is for others. Growing up I always had access to tutoring, and thankfully I have found that same thing here! King Twin Tutoring has given myself (and my parents) that peace of mind that I have access to help when needed. Staying on track while being involved is something that takes time, and I can honestly say that King Twin Tutoring has played a major role in keeping me in line.

Oxford has a plethora of things to do, places to stay and of course ways to prepare for tests which let's face it, is most important, right? We just wanted to mention a few of our favorites in hope to help guide you and make your stay in Oxford the best it can be!

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