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The Art of Eating Crawfish

When most people think of springtime, they think of flowers blooming, green grass, and warmer weather. Although we all look forward to those things, they are missing out on one of the best things that happen in the spring… crawfish season! You don’t have to be from Louisiana to enjoy a good crawfish boil, because you can find some great choices right here in Oxford. Whether you enjoy your crawfish with sides of potatoes, corn, mushrooms, andouille, or garlic, these local businesses have something for everyone.

○ Offer boiled and live crawfish options

○ Offer boiled and live crawfish options

So now that you’ve got your delicious crawfish ready to go, what’s the best technique to eat it? Here is a step-by-step guide to get the very most out of these cajun crustaceans!

Step 1: Hold the crawfish by the tail and head then twist to separate into two pieces.

Step 2: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to suck the head of the crawfish. This is where you will find all the flavor and get the true crawfish eating experience.

Step 3: Next, peel the first few sections of the shell on the tail. You do not have to peel the full shell because you just pinch the bottom of the tail, give a good tug and voila!

Step 4: Repeat until you’ve consumed your body weight in crawfish!

Bonus step: If you’re lucky enough to grab one with big claws, be sure to take advantage of the extra goodness there. Grab the claw, pull away the smaller pincher (the one that moves), then slowly pull out the meat. Enjoy!

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