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Unwanted Visitors This Holiday Season

Winter months are a peak time for pests, rodents, and other visitors to sneak in your house. When you begin to decorate or transition your house into the holiday season, you may find some uninvited guests that have given themselves a new home inside yours.

These unwanted visitors can sneak in and hide without you knowing, and can stay for months. When you go into your attics, closets, or sheds to get out your holiday decor items, you may find spiders, roaches, mice, or other creepers that have made their way into your space. Be prepared with how to combat them, and have pesticide sprays and treatments to use when you put away your decorations after the holidays.

While baking and cooking holiday dishes, you may encounter other pests that are prone to food and snacks. Avoid keeping fresh food out for long periods of time to keep these visitors away.

In stacks of presents, garland, or your firewood, you may also find pests or rodents nesting. When these items go untouched for a while, rodents find their way into the pile and make a nest. For them, this is their territory, so be careful and cautious when moving these items around.

In your time of need this holiday season, remember Hunt Pest Control can help prevent and get rid of these creatures. Contact them today at 662-387-4700 or visit their website at

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