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Why You Should Discuss Next Year's Housing Over the New Year

New Year's Day is in just a few days, which means your student will soon head back to his or her college campus. This is the perfect time for you to sit down with your student and discuss their living arrangements for the next school year. If your student is a freshman this year, remember that dorms are prioritized by freshmen, so they won't be guaranteed a dorm next year. If your student is already living in an apartment, renewing their lease at this time will ensure that their rent price stays the same. However, if you wait until the spring or summer semesters to renew, their prices will increase. If your student is switching apartments, browse around Starkville to find all of your available options. You may ask yourself: "What should we discuss?" Roommates. Ask your student if they know of someone they would want to live with, how many roommates they would prefer to have, or if they want to be matched with a roommate. Another great idea is to discuss your monthly price range. This will better narrow down the search when looking for the best apartment complex for your student. Another pro tip is to research the safety of the area in which your student wants to live, as well as the amenities and accessibility of the area. Talk about whether or not you want electricity, utilities, Wi-Fi, and cable to be included in the monthly rent price. Another key in your decision making is whether or not you would like for the apartment to be furnished. Students can often overlook this important step when browsing for their first apartment. Generally, winter is the season when housing rates are the lowest, so now is the perfect time to find your student a new home-away-from-home! Go ahead and mark this step off of your list!

Here is a list of some apartment complexes in Starkville:

The Social Campus

The Social Block and Townhomes

Haven 12

Lakeside Student Living

The Retreat

College View

The Balcony

The Links

Russell Street Flats

Aspen Heights


Mark your calendars for January 11-15th, 2021! We will be hosting Facebook Live videos every day that week, highlighting some apartment complexes in Starkville! This will better inform parents and students of what Starkville apartment complexes have to offer!

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