Parents of College Students (POCS) is the ONLY online community and resource specifically dedicated to parents of college students. From our main POCS page, you can navigate to any one of our individual schools platforms to learn about the community and resources available for you as a parent.Whether they are coming in town for a football game and need a restaurant recommendation or helping their child find a trustworthy repairman, POCS is the ultimate destination for rebel parents everywhere.


Colleges towns are home to thousands of incredible small businesses vying for the attention of  Parents and POCS are just the place for businesses to achieve that. With an active Facebook and Instagram account, PLUS +130,000 email subscribers across all our channels, POCS will get your business recognized.


We have a la carte options and several package deals, all of which are competitively priced and considered the most affordable online advertising options in town.

For more information please contact Micah Uline at or 731-607-6411

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