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Location! Location! Location!

Location! Location! Location! If you didn’t already know that about real estate, then well, call one of our agents. But I’d like to give you the 411 on how location matters in Oxford, because it does.

With such a hot real estate market in Oxford, the location importance has changed over the years. Sure, the Square is a hot place to live, with intense prices. But if you can afford that and want to be in the middle of the action, the abs

olutely go for it!

For those that read my Splinter Creek article last week, then you are aware that after all my years in Oxford, I found my home outside the city limits.

So, here’s real insider knowledge: Lafayette County is broken up into four quadrants, defined by the intersection at Highway 6 and Highway 7.

If you’ve ever noticed an address for “County Road 101, or County Road 254, etc.,” the starting digit is how you locate its quadrant. See this graphic.

So, Oxford just went through a rezoning earlier this fall, and the county implemented zoning for the first time in January. Much of this was done to help prepare Oxford and help sustain its growth we’ve experienced over the years and moving forward.

Our city/county school lines are most certainly not bound my city limits. If I tried to explain it to you, well, I just couldn’t. It’s more crooked than all the S’s in Mississippi.

Some top communities you find in the quadrants include:

County Roads starting with one’s: All the property from the point you get off highway 6, towards the Square and up College Hill, all the way to Sardis Lake. Also including Wellsgate!

County Roads starting with two include Woodson Ridge Farms and Cobblestone.

County Roads starting with three’s include everything from South Lamar, Old Taylor Road, all the way to Taylor, and all the way to Panola County Line. Communities include Windsor Falls, Cumberland Place, Steeplechase, Plen Air and last but not least, Splinter Creek!

County Roads starting with four’s include the Highlands, Castle Hill, Pebble Creek, the Lakes and the Country Club of Oxford and Grand Oaks.

All of these neighborhoods are some of the most sought after, but certainly, this is not a compilation of all. Each community obviously has its own benefits but location is always a deciding factor. Especially when you consider what you want to be close to: Square? Ole Miss? Sardis? Towards 55? Towards Tupelo?Lake living?

Regardless, Oxford offers something for everyone. Happy location checking!

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