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Arguably one of the best Recruitment experiences in the nation is at Ole Miss. Here's your one-stop shop for all you need to know to get through Rush!



2022 Ole Miss Rush podcastanonymous
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Greek Gifts

Greek Gifts

The low-down on Greek Gifts! We love this aspect of Rush so much, that we put in on this home page. Well, and its always a parents top topic every year at our Orientation Empty Nester Events. Here's what you need to know:

1.There are 7 days of recruitment for 2022, ending in Bid Day! Many parents choose to send Rush "Happies" each day, or on specific days. Each store has suggestions on "happies" for each day. You will soon be able to see their suggestions here! Psst: Happies are what us Southerners call a small gift that would make someone "happy."


2. Many parents also choose to send a Bid Day package  - to celebrate your daughters new found Greek Sorority and is choc full of gifts with her new greek letters!

3. Pre-ordering happies and Bid Day happies is important. With 1,400+ girls going through Rush, the stores work on their preorders in the order they are received! Yes, you can pre-order now!

4.Coming Soon is a common Q & A from each store on how they handle their Greek orders specifically with YOU in mind!

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