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Fashion=Oxford, Shopping in 38655

How does one summarize the shopping opportunities in Oxford. Well, we certainly can’t in just one article. But we’re going to start a series on shopping, just like we have on the Gameday experience. Today we’re touching down on the fashion scene on the Square.

For obvious reasons, the center of shopping lies heavily on the Square. Most notably and historically it began at Neilson’s (pronounced Nell-sons, not Neil-sons and you won’t want to mess that up!) Neilson's was quite literally the first department store in the South, opening in 1839. The Lewis’s who have owned the store for generations, have always kept a modern spin on the latest trends for women, men and kids. There is quite simply nothing better than walking into Neilson’s and knowing that you will most certainly find the outfit you are looking for. I also always find the gift or accessory too. So, if you do the math, Neilson’s opened before Ole Miss opened its doors! It’s been located on all four sides of the Square but been in its present-day location since 1899. How neat is it to walk into a true “department” store that’s the same size as it was 100+ years ago? Yes, they have a home, shoe, cosmetic, mens, kids, contemporary, ladies, lingerie and even a gift and registry department. All under one 15,000 sq. ft. roof. It’s cool to think were walking into the same experience our Oxford ancestors did more than one hundred years ago. Truly a must.

Leaving Neilson’s, you will immediately run into the best men’s clothing store, and Oxford staple, Hinton & Hinton. Mark Shoemake, store manager, has been here even longer than me, can dress your son or husband in the lasted dapper garb. He’s truly got a gift and will be your newest BFF. Swear.

Moving quickly around the Square you are greeted with other long-time ladies’ shops like Village Tailor, who carries a range of the best Tory Burch and like. If you want a really rare frock, it’s there! Their fashion jewelry selection is second to none.

Moving along, you hit Cicada, another Oxford novelty. Anne Marie, the owner, has been setting the bar for the fashion scene in Oxford for also about as long as I’ve been here. She constantly doesn’t settle for less than the best and keeps your head turning every time you drive past her store to see the latest in trends. Here signature orange shopping bag is a showstopper, too.

Newer stores on the scene include Threads (formerly Therapy,) Maison Weiss 2 – go see Kathy there. She’s the best at showing you options and great new things. Plus, she has make-up and does killer make-up applications. Other newbies include dSquared, Frock, Hemline, PopFizz and Nella. All these Square shops offer great things for the college student and their mama’s.

Oxford is most certainly gearing up for another amazing a school year and ready for all to come check out their latest finds. POM is actually working towards an Oxford Fashion week, later this month, where you can get sneak peeks LIVE from each store starting August 28th right here from POM! More to come!

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