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Oxford: "Fashion Capitol of the South" > Oxford Fashion Week is Now!

Oxford Fashion Week!? What is that!? How did you miss it?

Well, you haven’t. Because it’s going on right now. LIVE each day on our Parents of Ole Miss Facebook Page. But why, you ask?

Well, since you are reading this article and visiting our website and social media channels, we learned that SO many of you awesome parents are not near Oxford. In fact, our main demographic is folks OUTSIDE of Mississippi. And while many parts of the country still don’t believe Mississippi has running water, we are here to prove that and, more importantly, we know fashion. Unlike anywhere else in the south, will you find that our stores carry truly the hippest and chicest garb around.

Remember, I’m the local that wasn’t born here. In fact, I was born and raised in New Jersey, graduated from high school in Florida, and I’ve been here ever since. So, I find it interesting when my “fashion forward” (and famous friend whom I’ve known almost my whole life AND who lives the NYC AND has a resume that includes positions at Vogue, Jessica Simpson and current director of NYFIT) called Oxford a “fashion capital of the south.” Wait, how is Oxford on her radar?

Well she knew about Oxford because of the caliber of the buyers coming to NYC buying for Oxford stores.

So, is Oxford fashion that intense? No, in fact it is that easy. Shop anything in any store and you are golden for compliments from the Grove all the way back to your hometown. Insert > Oxford Fashion Week.

Out-of-town Parents + Oxford Boutiques = Parents of Ole Miss launching the very first “Oxford Fashion Week.”

So, we hope you have been joining in on our Facebook live events this week so far, and if you haven’t, you must. Tune in at 10am and 2pm every day when go LIVE from some amazing Oxford store, to show you the latest in fall fashion for the Grove or rush, right from the comfort of your phone or laptop. We’re covering college-age styles and fashions for parents; men & women. Best part? Like something you see, call them and buy it right then and there and pick up on your next trip to the 662!

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