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Trunk Show Friday - A Must In Oxford

Hitting up the Square on a football weekend is most certainly a must. The hustle and bustle as the day progresses on Friday and into Saturday, is truly a sight and an experience. One thing that I love about the Square on Friday’s is the unique opportunities it brings. And no, I’m not referring to the drunken madness that can easily look like the crowds of Bourbon Street as the night progresses. I’m talking about MUCH earlier in the day, when the shoppers and diners are making their way around the Square. A trend that started a few years back are the Friday Trunk Shows, where patrons have the opportunity to meet some of the actual designers, curators and makers of products carried in each store.

How about meeting up with the actual “Captain” from Captain Rodneys dip? Or having a custom pair of jeans sized up by the curators of Blue Delta Denim?

While this list will continue to evolve (and we’ll update it), check out these opportunities to meet and greet with these icons on a special trip to Oxford on a Football Friday!


On September 13&14: Frock will be hosting the owner of 47Blooms, a super chic and hip jewelry line, designed by Audra Bowman, a true Mississippi gal. What started as therapy to grieve her late mom, has evolved into a business with a following – for good reason. This mom of three, lives on her mom’s motto “Bloom where you grow.” See below!

The Graduate Hotel

September 14: Aviate hats and Blue Delta Jeans will be hanging at the Graduate to keep you on trend with the “in” hat for Oxford and bring you the best in handpicked, denim selection. In case you haven’t heard, these jeans are all the rage and literally made for you, and only you. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Sturgill Simpson, BJ Barham, Eli Manning, and many Chicago Cubs playershave even found these gems.

October 19th: elleADORN Designs – is a jewelry line whose maker shows her influence of the Mississippi Delta in each of her handcrafted pieces


October 19-20th: Check out Joseph Ribkoff’s trunk show that will be here and showcasing its best for parties and more! As seen in Nordstroms and called out in too many magazines to mention, this will be a must see trunk for sure.

Hinton and Hinton

September 7 – Lucchese Boots

More coming soon!

The Lily Pad

September 14:- Tay Morgan, a Mississippi gal too, has been on the radar for 10+ years with her art, paper goods and more!

Sept 21: Ronaldo Jewelry, nuff’ said.

October 19:- O-Venture – those handy O rings that people now carry their keys on? Yup. They have other amazing items to see this weekend!

November 3: - The Cookie Canvas – If you eat with your eyes, before your mouth, then you are in for a real treat because not only are these glam cookies a work of art, they taste just as good as they look!

Happy Shopping Y'all!!!

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