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Southern Sundays

Surely most of you have heard the Craig Morgan song “That’s what I love about Sundays.”

“Sing along as the choir sways Every verse of amazing grace And then we shake the preacher's hand”

Every time I hear that song, I’m reminded about what’s good and right in the world and somehow Sunday reawakens that, especially listening to this song.

Sundays in Oxford are certainly my most coveted. It's typically a quiet time, and a slower pace. The college kids and local families are dressed freshly in their Sunday best walking into church. The grocery store is less crowded, there are only a few restaurants that are open and most retail stores on the Square are closed. Oxford slows down from its usual fast pace and pauses.

I remember when I first became a “local” and a somewhat regular church goer at Oxford University United Methodist Church. I was always so touched by the college students who faithfully attended, no matter what the night or week before had in store for them.

Finding a church home, whether in college or as a local is nothing short of an easy task. You of course have to love the preacher, the music, the people you sit next to, and then of course what the message brings to you. It’s a combination that requires patience, loyalty and open-mindedness.

If your child is looking for a new church here at school, offer them the list attached places to try this Easter Sunday.

Click here for a list of some of the churches in the Oxford area, in no particular order.

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