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Have Fun While the Kids are Home!

Christmas season is here and there are so many ways to celebrate including Christmas activities! Whether you have Christmas traditions or need some inspiration for activities to do for the holidays, we have you covered. These affordable Christmas activities are a great option for families as well as entertaining a group of college students.

Cookie Decorating

This time-honored tradition is one of the most fun and delicious. You can buy a cookie decorating kit, decorate store-bought cookies, or make homemade cookies. This is also a very customizable activity. You can get frosting, edible glitter, shapes, sprinkles, and even outlines! Mix and match and make a mess! It’s a lot of fun.

Painting Ornaments

This is one that has a longer reward because you can display it on your tree! Most craft stores will have a selection of glass, plastic, acrylic, and wood ornament types in all sorts of shapes! You can host a paint party that is BYOO (Bring Your Own Ornament) and see what everyone creates! Painting ornaments with family and friends, listening to Christmas music, and eating holiday snacks make for a good night!

Hot Chocolate and Lights

This is one you have heard of if you have not done it. Looking at Christmas lights is one of the best parts of the holiday season but going to a display such as Zoo Lights at the Memphis Zoo can be expensive. An alternative that can be even more fun is filling up a thermal cup with hot chocolate and driving or walking around your area looking at the displays. You might be surprised by some of the creativity that you did not know was around your corner.

Gingerbread Houses

Another well-known classic, decorating gingerbread houses is a family favorite that is oh-so fun! You can really crank up the creativity or keep it casual, whatever you want to do! The designs that end up on these houses are unreal!

Seeing a Live Nativity

Jesus is the reason for the season! A great way to celebrate this is by going to see a live nativity. Live nativities really allow viewers to be in awe of what is being recreated. Oxford has one on December 10, 11, and 12th starting at 6 PM at New Prospect Church, located at 823 Hwy. 334.

Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

One last activity to occupy the kiddos is a candy cane scavenger hunt. This Christmas twist on an Easter egg hunt is a surefire way to entertain the younger crowd at your family gatherings while still bringing the family together! Just don’t tell where you hid your candy cane.

These activities are great ways to celebrate the holiday season and try something new. You can DIY, make a plan, or even spontaneously decide to do any one of these, but we think you will make some great memories no matter what. Tag us in any pictures if you decide to do one of these activities @pocs_olemiss!

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