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Road Trippin' Spring Break?

Spring break is right around the corner, and if your student still doesn’t have plans, don’t worry! With Oxford being in the center of many fun cities only hours away, your student could have tons of fun by just taking a road trip with friends. But as a parent, you never just want to send your student off to a random city, so we’re here to tell you more about local cities that’ll make for a great spring break experience.

Birmingham, Alabama

Distance: 186 Miles / Driving time: Two hours and 45 minutes

If your knowledge about Birmingham isn’t that extensive, that’s totally fine! Though Birmingham isn't the biggest city on our list, it's still a great place to send your student for a close, low-key spring break. Exploring the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and the Festival of Tulips are two events that give your student a chance to see some blooming flowers during the time they’re away from campus (and the persistent Oxford rain for that matter).

If your student is more interested in what Alabama has to offer in terms of sports, the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum are world class venues that would give your student an experience they wouldn’t be able to find in Oxford. Though Oxford sports history is rich, these museums are iconic and deserve a visit even if your student isn’t extremely invested in sports.

Highly recommended restaurants where your student can enjoy some great Birmingham food include The Fig Tree Cafe, Saw’s Soul Kitchen, and The Thirsty Donkey as a healthy option.

Nashville, Tennessee

Distance: 260 Miles / Driving time: Four hours

Though it’s a surrounding city to many students’ hometowns, Nashville is a great option for a student looking for last-minute spring break plans, especially if they love music. Original events and local restaurants such as Whiskey Jam and The Listening Room are unique to Nashville and give people of all ages a chance to indulge in new music from upcoming and even big name artists. However, at Whiskey Jam you’ll never know who's playing the venue until they show up.

Something Oxford doesn’t have that Nashville does is a surplus of activities for colleg