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10 Tryout Tips for Cheer and Rebelettes

As tryout season for Cheerleading and Rebelettes is approaching, we know it can be nerve-racking. So here are a few tryout tips to help you through the process!

1. Confidence

As most people know a big part of cheer and dance is looking confident. Whether or not you are nervous, it is best to not let it show. You will be performing for large crowds at games and competitions, so tryouts are good preparation for just a small amount of what you will be doing throughout the year. It is best to keep your composure and poise regardless of how intimidating you might feel at tryouts. Confidence is definitely key!

2. Trust yourself

Tryouts are not the time to try a skill you are not confident with or consistent with. This goes back to feeling confident with yourself because it will affect your performance. Trust how far you can push yourself during this tryout while maintaining consistency with landing your skills and projecting who you are as a cheerleader. This tryout is about you and your spot on the team, so it is so important to be self-assured.

3. Ready for the fitness test/interview

Official tryout information has not been finalized or posted yet, but in the last few years there has been a fitness and interview portion of the tryout. The specifics of the fitness test have not been posted for this year, but in the past it was required to run a mile under 8 minutes. To prepare for this, it is best to start training far in advance. For the interview, it is typically questions about the university and seeing how well you could potentially represent the University of Mississippi as a cheerleader or dancer. Just be yourself and be ready to confidently answer any question.

4. Have a positive attitude

Another important part of cheer is a positive attitude. It is better to have a positive outlook on the tryout process. The judges will be watching your every move, especially when it comes to your attitude. Be social and not afraid to meet new friends. Everyone is in the same boat as you and are probably just as nervous, so it is good to have a friend on your side. It is good to be approachable to others because someone may need your help and later on you may need their help for something.

5. Attend cheer clinics

If you are able to attend a cheer or dance clinic for Ole Miss this is highly recommended. It is good to get your face out there so coaches can start taking notice of you. It is also great to start forming relationships with other potential cheerleaders so you can get a feel for how it is going to be stunting with them and working alongside them. It is great preparation for what tryouts are going to feel like.

6. Look the Part

Ole Miss cheer has a certain “look”, as most colleges do. It is important to research this particular “look”, maybe by looking at their Instagram or meeting with other current cheerleaders or alumni. Pay attention to what they are wearing and what their makeup looks like.

It is also important to see how their hair is styled and what is in their hair, whether it be a ribbon or no ribbon. Also by attending the cheer clinics you can get a feel for what Ole Miss cheerleaders look like.

7. Be Coachable

Being coachable during tryouts is very important. Coaches are looking for a team player to join the team. Someone who gets along with everyone and who is willing to take criticism. Those are the ones that will make a great new addition to the team. It is also very important to be versatile and be willing to try new positions that are asked of you. If veterans give you helpful corrections or suggestions, listen and try to work on it.

8. Prepared

It is apparent that it is very important to come prepared for tryouts. Usually they will have posted the videos for the cheers and dances you will have to know in advance. Practice in the mirror or in front of a friend to see how ready you are. When it comes time to get in front of the judges, you will be thankful for how hard you prepared for this!

9. Execution

The way you execute and present yourself will be observed throughout the tryout. It is essential to appear calm and assured with your performance and be aware of how you're doing as an athlete. Be careful to carry out your skills and execute them with good technique. Be impressive to the judges so that you can leave a good impression for yourself!

10.Enjoy the Experience

No matter what happens at the end of the weekend, it is important to make the most of it. It is going to be a competitive and tiring process, so it is important to remember to have fun and get plenty of rest. Some of the people you meet through the experience may become your life long friends, no matter the outcome. Take it all in and trust the process!

Hopefully these tips were useful. Wishing students the best of luck during tryouts! Hotty Toddy!

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