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So, Your Child Has the Flu: What Now?

The flu this year is nasty and spreading like wild fire. I know it’s a parent’s nightmare to have a sick child and not being there to take care of them, but rest assured that Oxford has several fabulous resources that will take care of your baby when you can’t.

I am going to give a quick shout out here to Dr. Kecia Kirk, MD, with Family Medical Clinic. She is compassionate, willing to listen, and she is a mom of two kids. The clinic itself is open everyday of the week (gasp!), and they have free WIFI and bottles of water in the waiting room. Another honorable mention is Jene Smith, APN, also with Family Medical Clinic. Other places worth mentioning are Oxford Urgent Care, RedMed Urgent Clinic, the brand new Baptist Memorial Hospital and Student Health Services on campus. The Student Health Services on campus is great because they can charge to your child’s bursar account and there is no office visit charge for an acute illness or injury.

When it comes to pharmacies in Oxford, there are several options. Oxford has CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Fred’s and Wal-Mart pharmacies, but two of our favs to use are the local Chaney’s Pharmacy and G&M Pharmacy. Chaney’s is a cute little family owned pharmacy with a soda fountain that serves TCBY yogurt. They’ll let you open a charge account too. G&M is a “mom and pop” type pharmacy that Oxford citizens love, although Bill McClellan, the beloved pharmacist for almost 40 years, has just retired. You can read more about Bill’s story here. The best part about Chaney’s and G&M is that they both deliver (yes, I said deliver!) AND they are the only two compounding pharmacies in Oxford. We love to support a good local business!

A couple of other resources that I find so beneficial when sick are Landshark Delivery and Handled. Landshark Delivery is Oxford’s food delivery service that will deliver from many of Oxford’s top restaurants. Handled offers a variety of services including grocery delivery, home organizing, and errands and deliveries. The people at Handled are reliable and trustworthy and their tagline is “lending a hand so you never have to lift a finger” which describes their services perfectly. Both of these services are fantastic resources when your son or daughter is too sick to leave the dorm or apartment.

I know this post is lengthy so I am not going to bore you with a lecture about ways to help with flu symptoms, but I didn’t want to leave without giving you some info about it. I am linking an article here that gives you good tips on easing flu symptoms.

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