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Stay in the Know: "Trafficking" in Oxford

While Parents of Ole Miss is not a breaking news source, we do feel it is important to share information and updates regarding the safety of our students. As of recently there have been complaints regarding members of the World Mission Society Church of God approaching students both on and off campus. The church members were handing out pamphlets and asking students to join bible studies located in Southaven. According to students that were approached, the church members were asking for phone numbers and sending texts with obscure directions as to how to get to the bible studies. The approach was a bit unsettling, especially for the students who were approached at their apartment or place of residence. Due to sex trafficking schemes in disguise of a new church near other colleges, it rapidly became popular belief that these church members were potential sex traffickers. The Oxford Police Department conducted a thorough investigation in conjunction with the University Police Department and ultimately determined that the solicitors, were indeed just members of the World Mission Society Church of God looking to expand in the Oxford community. As previously mentioned, POM is not a breaking news source and we depend on OPD and UPD as the final say in instances such as this one. You can see the statements released by both OPD and UPD below. To stay up to date follow Oxford Police Department on Facebook and Twitter. The University Police department also has a Facebook and Twitter account you can follow by clicking the links! Both police departments post frequently and have quite the sense of humor!

Statement by Oxford Police Department:

Statement by University Police Department:

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