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Lady Doctors

Ironically, I am currently writing this while sitting at Ross Family Dental. Let’s cut the chase. I would rather be sitting at my gynecologist than here. I have to give props to Andrew Ross, because he is by FAR the longest dentist relationship I have had in my 18 years here in Oxford. So, I’m thankful for him, but anyone messing with my teeth? I’d rather be at the gyno. I know some of you women can agree with me.

Let’s address the gynecologist situation for your fab gals. We thankfully have some excellent OB/GYNs here in Oxford. Now, always remind yourself that the Student Health

Center on campus can indeed perform most of the same services as an OB/GYN outside campus. If you feel that your daughter needs more of a relationship with her OB/GYN for the next few years, I’d suggest heading off campus.

There are two main OB/GYN groups here in town. Oxford Clinic for Women (my go to) and Oxford Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates. I had a wonderful experience with the birth of my two children with Dr. Blake Smith at Oxford Clinic for Women. I appreciate his dry sense of humor and wittiness. He really cuts the ice off any potential awkwardness. OCFW has two female Nurse Practitioners and also dons its own medical spa inside their clinic. I’m still trying to convince them to do pedicures! The facility is state of the art, brand new and just feels really clean, welcoming and smart. I have heard many wonderful things from fellow locals about Dr. Julie Harper, Dr. Glenn Hunt and Dr. Kaitlin Mize at Oxford Obstetrics & Gynecology as well!

I remember when I was in college, I had a cervical cancer scare and my experience with another doctor here in town (I won’t name names, since he is still practicing) was less than stellar. I was 13 hours away from my mom, he used words like “cancer,” “surgery”, and offered no comfort or compassion to my 20-year-old self about going through this alone. After my best friend held my hand thru the surgery, I swore that doctor off. I was just a number, not a person. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. I get it. They have to see X number of patients a day and they get you in, get you out. That being said, in a town where the University allows Oxford to thrive (and vice versa), it might be helpful to take care of your patients who are very impressionable. Little did he know that I would stick around and 20+ years later, here I am writing about the horrible experience today.

So that being said, tell your gal to make an appointment to get to know or “interview” a potential doctor. My husband and I were encouraged to do this when I was pregnant with my son and I wish I had done that sooner. The OB/GYN most certainly is a unique (for lack of a better word) relationship and is a very important one at that.

Other Lady Doctors:

Moving past the gyno, let’s just quickly chat about some awesome female doctors here in Oxford. IF you haven’t picked it up by now, I love Kecia Kirk! Kecia has been my GP for 10+ years. She’s so smart, SO SO SO compassionate, listens, and tries to figure “stuff” out with you. I can say with certainty that she’s not just trying to get you in the door and get you out.

I also just adore nurse practitioner Jene Smith in that same office. She’s smart, practical and makes me feel at ease just as much as Kecia. Give Family Medicine a shout. They just recently expanded their hours too.

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