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Ole Miss, A Baseball School

With Ole Miss being in the heart of the south and part of the SEC, it is definitely portrayed as a football school. Sure we love the Grove-packed Saturdays and the energy in the air after a big win, but with all of the light being shed on football here, people are often blinded by its presence. The other amazing athletes here are often overshadowed but should in no way be pushed to the side. Ole Miss is more than just a football school. It’s a track school, a tennis school, a softball school, a soccer school, a golf school; the list goes on.

If you find that these sports aren’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Ole Miss is also a baseball school. The Rebels have been dominating this season with win after win and only racking up a measly six losses…hotty toddy to that! So far, they have gone 27-6 after a recent loss to MSU this past weekend.

Last week’s recent victories had bumped Ole Miss up to the No. 3 spot in the country, just behind No.1 University of Florida and No. 2 Stanford. After the loss to MSU, Ole Miss dropped to be tied with Texas Tech for the No. 4 spot. Still awesome!

If you’ve never taken the chance to attend an Ole Miss Baseball game, the time to take that chance is now. Fun Fact: This season’s conference series wins are mirroring those of the 2005 season when they won a whopping 48 games and made it only one win away from the College World Series.

Not only are the Rebs mowing down teams left and right, but the atmosphere at Swayze field is an experience unlike any other. Sure you’ve got your die hard MLB fans who hawk-eye watch their favorite - and not so favorite- teams, jotting down stats, hovering over their brackets. But nothing beats:

  • Students standing on their painted formal coolers with a cold one in hand

  • Fans intently on their feet watching the Rebs strike out yet another opponent with their wicked offense

  • Students and fans alike interacting with our outfielders, or heckling the opponents with silly comments about their wardrobe or funny facts they find through Facebook

  • The pure hype brought on by “Sweet Caroline” playing over the loudspeaker

  • The break of the seventh inning stretch - seriously… everyone gets up and has a nice long stretch

  • Cheering on our favorite color solo cup during the famed solo cup races

  • And of course the intensity of energy brought on by a home run and a good ole beer shower to end your afternoon. It’s a rush like no other.

Until you’ve experienced a ride on the Rebel side, you don’t know the heart the athletes and fans have for their school and the pride they have in Ole Miss sports.

Side note: Because of how well Ole Miss is doing, there is a chance that Super Regionals will be held here in Oxford. Super Regionals happens in June, which coincides with orientation! That being said, hotels may be packed so if you know you’ll be in Oxford around this time or know your orientation session is in June, you better book fast!

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