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On Campus Mail

We have gotten a lot of questions about mail for those students who live on campus, so I thought I’d write an article about it and hopefully provide a little insight! Pakmail is the official on campus mail service provider. The mailboxes are located in Crosby Hall and the package holding center is in Brown Hall. It is not required for students to purchase a PO box, but if they so choose, the boxes can be purchased online or in person. I would recommend online just to save some time and avoid any lines. Something worth noting - the boxes cannot be charged to your student's bursar account.

There are several different sizes of PO boxes, but I had a small one and it worked just fine. If your student’s package doesn’t fit in their PO box, Pakmail will hold it across the street for your student at Brown Hall. Upon receiving mail or a package, your student will automatically receive a text or email to notify them. There are several outgoing mailboxes around campus for your student to send mail and they also have the option to ship things (for a cost) through Pakmail, even if they don’t purchase a box. While all of this sounds great, there are mixed reviews on Pakmail. When I was a freshman, I remember being frustrated with the delayed processing and distributing time and the occasional lost piece of mail. I eventually started having my mail sent to an older friend’s house. That being said, I have also heard great things about Pakmail’s services so maybe I just had a poor experience! Another thought – I had friends who shared a mailbox and split the cost. Technically, its probably supposed to be one person per mailbox but if your student doesn’t expect to be receiving much mail and is looking to cut down on costs, this could be a good solution!

I hope this bit of info helped – for the Pakmail website and more info click here.

Pakmail also provides moving and storage services, which I have heard GREAT things about. A reader recently shared her experience with the moving and storage services on the Parents of Ole Miss Group - she gave a wonderful and positive review!

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