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Happy Graduation Weekend!

Way down south in Mississippi, There's a spot that ever calls Where among the hills enfolded. Stand Old Alma Mater's Halls. Where the trees lift high their branches, To the whisp'ring southern breeze. There Ole Miss is calling, calling, to our hearts fond memories. With united hearts we praise thee, All our loyalty is thine, And we hail thee, Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine; May it brighter grow and brighter, And with deep affection true, Our thoughts shall ever cluster 'round thee, Dear Old Red and Blue. My thy fame throughout the nation, Through thy sons and daughters grow, May thy name forever waken, In our hearts a tender glow, May thy counsel and thy spirit, Ever keep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor, Now and ever dear Ole Miss.

Ahhh, the sweet words of the Ole Miss alma mater. Happy graduation weekend! Well, that is if you consider Thursday the start of the weekend! Many of you might be en route to Oxford to celebrate your special graduate. As many of you know, I graduated a semester early in December and since Ole Miss doesn't host a graduation ceremony in December, I am celebrating this weekend. A whopping 11 family members are coming in town to help me celebrate and I am beyond excited to see them. They are currently on the way and probably reading this in the car - hi family!

This morning, I took graduation photos with some of my closest friends in our cap and gowns in front of the Lyceum and in Rowan Oak. Even though I already have my diploma and have been working full time since December, it still hasn't quite hit me that college is...over. Seeing all of my friends in our cap and gowns and knowing my family is on my way to watch me walk across the stage and pretend to receive a diploma has made it feel more real. I can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

I knew that my college years were supposed to be "the best four years of my life" which I wholeheartedly agree with BUT I am confident that Ole Miss has well equipped with knowledge, the best friends and experiences to ensure my success and happiness for years to come. From Martin move-in day, to bid day, to my first apartment sophomore year, to studying abroad part of my junior year, to my last football season this past fall and now to the official graduation ceremony - Ole Miss, I love you with my whole my heart. I am proud and honored to be a part of the Ole Miss FAMILY.

Future Ole Miss parents, if you're reading this, know that your child is in for the best four, five or six (or 3.5) years of their life!

PS: Don't blink.

My Dad and I before heading to Oxford freshman year - feels like yesterday!

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