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Dorm Decor

I lived in Martin Hall room 823 with a girl I met on the class Facebook page. We didn't meet until move in day but she quickly became one of my best friends - we even lived together again our senior year! The moment we figured out what room we had landed, we started planning how we wanted to decorate our dorm.

As many of you know, it has become a trend at Ole Miss to deck out your dorm room to the nines. I like to laugh at the extreme measures people go to (myself included) to make their dorm pretty and comfortable. It is important to feel at home freshman year, but dressing up a dorm room is similar to putting lipstick on a pig. The walls are still cinderblock, the furniture is still bulky and ugly and speaking from experience, there's a high chance that somebody from down the hall vomits on the carpet you had installed. However, I am a fan of the whole dorm room extremism because it helps make the transition feel smoother when you are in a comfortable dorm room that isn't so dismal thanks to the lovely decor.

My brother just completed his freshman year at University of Florida and he couldn't have cared less about his dorm room. My mom ordered him a pretty basic bedding set and printed out pictures of friends and family for him. They also got some posters and flags to hang around the room along with a TV. This seems to be pretty standard for boys - the easier the better in their mind!

However, totally different ballgame when I moved in. We spent the summer picking out decor and essentially playing Tetris with the floor plan and measurements of the things we would need to fit in the room. And yes, I was that girl on move-in day with a U-Hual. I loved my dorm and the memories made in it. I felt at home and knew that the hours spent moving in were hours well spent.

Many of you have seen this, but Material Girlz reached out to us and wanted to do a dorm room decor giveaway. Material Girlz is a local fabric store with a huge selection. It is super convenient because you could come by when you're in town for orientation and pick out the fabrics, place your order and then pick up when you are back in town for move-in day! To find out how to enter the giveaway, head to our Facebook page and see our pinned post!

We will be doing a few more posts on dorm rooms/move-in day, so if you have any questions, let us know and we can help!

My dorm sweet dorm from freshman year.

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