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Getting Home From the Square: One Safe Ride at a time

Picture this: You're a freshman on a Friday night in Oxford, Mississippi and you and all of your new friends from your residence hall decided to go out for a fun night of socializing on the square. You pay $15 dollars to Uber everyone from Stockard, and spend another $20 dollars while you are out. By the time 1 AM rolls around, the last thing you want to do is spend more money to get home. You may think “I’m okay to drive my friend’s car home to save a couple bucks” or “It’s not too far away I, can definitely walk”. This mindset can not only result in several consequences including receiving citations for public intoxication, MIPs or DUIs, but can also increase the chance of getting in a major accident or becoming a victim of sexual assault. Many students from Ole Miss recognized this problem and came up with Safe Ride, a student ran organization that provides late night busses for on campus residents to get a ride home completely free of charge.

It’s easy, just choose one of the several Safe Ride pick up locations on campus, and get dropped off right across the street from Square Books or across from Rebel Bookstore. When you are ready to head home for the night, just head to the same location where you got dropped off and you will have a free, safe ride home. These busses are also useful if you are need a way back from a fraternity party and aren’t up for the long ride home. The Safe Ride busses run Thursday and Friday nights from 10pm-2am and Saturday nights from 9pm-1am. Safe Ride’s on campus stops include:

  • Residential Colleges

  • Next to Kappa Alpha

  • Next to Beta

  • Crosby Hall

  • Next to Sigma Nu

  • Rebel Drive, between Chi Omega and Pi Beta Phi

  • Across the street from Kappa Kappa Gamma

  • Minor/Burns/Pittman/RH2/RH3

  • Sorority Row and Northgate

  • Across from Martin and Stockard

Safe Ride gives students the opportunity to keep their wallets full and criminal record clean by taking Safe Ride on those fun weekend nights. In addition to all the benefits the organization provides, if you are an incoming student and have a passion or interest in raising awareness towards alcohol education and safety precautions, you can become involved with Safe Ride by applying to be on their student committee once applications come out on OrgSync. For more information on Safe Ride, feel free to contact them at .

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