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Not Your Average Tailgate: What to Expect on Game Day

Picture this: It’s Friday morning in Oxford. Students are hustling around campus trying to make it on time to their classes. Professors are equally excited for the ending of a week and the beginning of a weekend. Some try to avoid the dreaded Friday 8am, or even Friday classes all together. However, those students that get the privilege of sleeping in miss the magic that is “Trashcan Friday.”

You see overnight Thursday, the Grove turns into a sea of red and blue trashcans , symbolizing that a Saturday in the Grove is upon us.

If you have never had the pleasure of attending an Ole Miss Football game, this may seem overdramatic to be excited by the sight of trashcans. However, this is just one of the many rituals that collectively make Ole Miss Football a spectacle, to put it lightly. You may think you are there to attend the game, cheer on the Rebels and maybe eat a hotdog in the stands. But in reality, your ticket is all day admission to the most extravagant party in SEC.

There is no wonder many national publications have written about the magic that can be found in the Grove. Southern Living, Garden and Gun, even the New York Times have reported on what separates Ole Miss game days from other schools. However, everything they claim is just a glimpse into what can be expected.

Do not be prepared for a traditional tailgating event, for you won’t find that here. Instead, the Grove transforms into a place where fans don’t just anticipate the game, but rather celebrate the day itself. Looking out from the steps of the Student Union is a vision of thousands of people dressed in game day versions of their Sunday’s best. Like ants, they gather under tents where chandeliers hang above linen tablecloths crowded with catered treats and sweets.

We here at Parents of Ole Miss are proud to be hosting a tailgate ourselves for YOU parents this year. More details to come, but by the overwhelming response, we know many of you parents might not have a “home”