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Being Not on the Square IS Okay

This article is brought to you in partnership with our friends at Thacker 564.

“Not on the Square and that’s OKAY!” I love this saying from restaurant Thacker 564. Because it couldn’t be more true. So much is in fact not on the Square!

When I arrived in Oxford in 1999, Jackson Avenue was a two-lane road, we had a brown Walmart (where the movie theater currently sits,) a locally owned and operated pharmacy was still on the heart of the Square (Gathright-Reed Pharmacy was also where you went to accept Western Union money from your parents –> interject Venmo today.) Kroger was where Sugar Magnolia is, and your only option to buy cold beer was to drive to Panola County.

While most are not really opposed to the parking meters on the Square, especially because the app you can use to pay for it is so easy and it helps the overall economy in Oxford, the parking problem still exists. Park

ing spaces are at a premium, no matter the cost.

Our Facebook Live events are a great opportunity to get to know stores from afar, both on the Square and not. I like to think of these as the “insiders tips” to finding the gems of Oxford. And what gems we have, even off the Square!

“I own two restaurants, both off the Square,” says Michelle Rounsaville, co-owner of Thacker 564 and owner of MyMichelle’s. “Thacker 564 is just one mile down Old Taylor Road, but people flock here because of our atmosphere, variety of yummy food choices and the unique drink options. We offer everything that a restaurant on the Square does, but without the congestion and people really do like it!”

The commercialization of Oxford (finally) arrived a few years back and we’re soon opening a Homegoods and Old Navy! Hooray! The first commercial restaurant opened in 2002 and closed earlier this year. While the commercialization of shopping offers a variety, we’re glad this “foodie” town continues to thrive on local dining options.

“We’re definitely different in that all guests can have a variety of smaller items, even with different tastes,” says Trey Bridgers, co-owner of Thacker 564. “It’s an easy enough atmosphere we want all guests to have exactly what they want.”

From unique furniture stores like Oxford Home Furnishings, trendy gift shops like Sugar Magnolia, hidden restaurants off the straight and narrow like Thacker 564, Tarasque and Ravine, family owned and operated jewelers like Lammons Jewelry, plenty of entertainment options and some super great places to find a great drink, being off the Square REALLY is okay! Go venture out on your next trip and be sure to share these insider tips with your student, too!

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