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Jobs in Oxford

We know how hard it can be to attend school and have work at the same time. Well the Student Career Services here at Ole Miss allows students to be able to put school first but still work at numerous jobs on campus and off campus. After all, both communities heavily rely on student workers.

Weighing out the pro/cons of your students getting a job, is a valid concern. I mean, doing well in school is a job in itself. However, most part time jobs don’t require more than 10 to 15 hours a week and offer great flexibility. Listed below are sampling of student jobs that Ole Miss has to offer but you can view current opportunities here:

On Campus opportunities:

  • UM Library

  • UM Foundation: Phoneathon Caller

  • Front Desk Jobs within each school

  • Distance Learning Facilitator

  • work/study

  • Student Union

  • cooks and line workers

  • hours vary depending on school schedule

  • work/study available

  • Tide Rebel Laundry

  • $12/hr, free laundry service and dry cleaning, no late nights or weekends

  • drive laundry truck

  • assist students by doing their laundry

  • Ole Miss Dining Service

  • Various dining halls on campus

  • Pavilion

  • Provisions on Demand

  • Johnson Commons

  • Starbucks

  • work study available

  • scheduling revolves around class schedules

  • Ole Miss Game Day Services

  • ticket sales

  • concession

  • work most home games

Have you ever heard of a houseboy for a sorority?If not, Houseboys assist sorority house moms and kitchen staff in any way that they can. Many houseboys either get paid or have some of their fraternity dues paid for by the sorority. Also houseboys get to eat at the house for free whenever they want. This is a great opportunity for guys not involved in Greek life to also be a part of it. (Ps. I am a current houseboy at a sorority. Super fun!)

Off Campus opportunities:

All of these are great opportunities for students to get experience in the workforce and keep a little extra cash in their pockets. All of these jobs can be found on various Oxford and Ole Miss sites like the Ole Miss Career Center.

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