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Here to Help: Concierge Services in Oxford

This article is brought to you in part by Companion Pet Services and Beam Lunch.

It’s sort of laughable to me that Oxford now has a plethora of “concierge services” but who am I lying to? I use them!

With a bustling population of nearly 50,000 in our county, it’s truly about time. I guess with the invention of the handheld computer, I mean cell phone, it’s made it much more about convenience, than need, right?

But truth is, there is a need. Maybe for the busy mom, maybe for the student without a car,

maybe for a sweet parent wanting to help from afar. When my older sister came to Ole Miss, she went two years without a car. WHAT? By the time I arrived, we shared a car her senior (and my freshman year). And we made it work! But I do admire how she was able to con a friend into driving to the Memphis airport, drive her to McAlister’s, Coop deVille or Forrester’s in town.

But that was 20+ years ago and she nor I had a cell phone when we came to college.

Today, Oxford has joined the ranks of modern conveniences, that this “iGen” generation has grown accustomed to. So, what do you need to know as a parent of an Ole Miss Student? Read on.

First, a comprehensive service offered here in Oxford is “Handled”. With the ability to deliver groceries, run errands, get weekend prep ready and more, they have an overarching “do everything” philosphopy.

Need restaurants delivery? Landshark Delivery can deliver from nearly 50 local restaurants for a low delivery fee of just $2.99 (plus tip). Best part, you can even preorder! How nice would it be if you preplanned a meal for your student, after a long day of exams or a day, they are just missing home!? A new food delivery business in town is Beam Lunch. It’s a text message-based service that gives you three lunch options each day, delivered by the restaurant to various campus locations (Greek houses, law school, dorms, and more!). Click here to learn more!

And Praise the Lord - both our major grocery chains are now offering a mobile shopping/pick-up service! Kroger’s ClickList and Walmart “Pickup” became available this summer, and by all accounts are rocking it! Same day pick up is available but be sure to watch available times because the secret is out with us locals and times get snatched up quick! Best part!? It’s free and you don’t ever have to get out of your car!

Bringing little ones to the Grove but don’t want to take them to the game? Check out “Little Toddy Grove Pick up”. In its 3rd year, this crew will meet you at the Grove, take your little ones while you Hotty Toddy! They will meet you in the grove 45 minutes prior to game time, and keep your little ones until three hours after the game ends! They will even bring them to your house/condo/hotel after the game at no extra cost!

Speaking of games, want to come to the Grove, but overwhelmed at the thought of setting a true Grove tailgate up? Well, Take it to the Grove can handle all your set up needs, and can even provide TV’s! Be sure to use an approved. Ole Miss vendor for tent set up! Our preferred caterers can set up everything undder the tent, even providing staff and alcohol! Check out MyMichelles, Party Waiting to Happen and A & N Catering for all your Grove catering needs.

Don’t think Oxford has left out concierge services for our four-legged furry friends. Check out Companion Pet Services, who will do everything from personal pet sitting, walking or pet errand services like vet and grooming appointments. Nice that Fido can have some love in Oxford, too!

Recently I’ve even heard that local cab companies will even run errands for you, should you need. Just an example of how our cab companies want to take care of your students. Not just a safe ride home.

Be sure to enjoy these modern conveniences that Oxford is now serving up. Just when you thought God’s Country couldn’t get better….

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