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JUST DO IT: A Guide to the Oxford Fitness Scene

This article is brought to you by our fit friends at HIT Fitness Oxford.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “A strong body makes the mind strong,” and I could not agree more. Life can get crazy and we tend to lose track of taking care of ourselves. As a senior in college, I can raise my hand to often being guilty of this for the past four years. However, when I do take time out of my day to pay attention to my physical and mental health, I don’t just feel better; I notice my grades start rising and my mood is better.

I’m sure you parents are crossing your fingers that your students are taking care of themselves now that they are on their own for the first time and not gain the “freshman 15.” They will learn a lot about time management and how to balance everything with class, hobbies, clubs and Greek life. But they don’t need to forget fitness! Many students will tell you that taking a work out class helps add more structure to their schedule. There are a plethora of amazing work out classes that you or your child can take advantage of during their semesters.

For example, our friends down at HIT Fitness Oxford have grown a HUGE following from the variety of classes they offer every day around every student’s schedule one way or another. Owners Codie Shuffield and Matt Webb are the total package when it comes to knowing what it takes to get in shape. Shuffield has been a pro MMA fighter and boxer since 2012 and held the title of Mid -South Boxing Champion four years in a row. Webb graduated with a degree in exercise science and specializes in nutrition, as well.

HIT Fitness offers kickboxing and boxing classes that focus on fitness aspects such as core, cardio and high intensity training; all while having fun!

“The thing that differentiates our workout from others is that it makes you feel athletic – you’re not just on a treadmill for an hour, you’re being challenged and building your strength,” said Shuffield. HIT Fitness is located only two miles from campus and less than one mile from the square, off University Avenue.

If kickboxing isn’t for you or your child or you’re thinking you need another work out to add to the list, look no further, Oxford has TONS of fitness options that are perfect for you and your student!

If you’re into barre, (a low intensity class combining basic ballet and pilates to tone and lengthen muscles) check out:

-Pure Barre

For you yoga lovers, there is:

-The Yoga space

-Southern Star Yoga

If you like a heated class, try:


-Hot Yoga Plus

For all-around fitness, Oxford has these options:

-Oxford Cross Fit

-Orange Theory

-Anytime Fitness

-Snap Fitness

-Excite! Oxford (Spin and Pilates)

-Oxford YMCA (Although a more local adult group, they offer: Zumba, Pilates, Spin, etc.)

If you or your student are looking for on-campus workout options, students get complimentary access to the Turner center which is the Universities current recreation center. They offer group classes, a walking track, gym equipment and an Olympic sized lap pool! There is only one drawback; the Turner center is not big enough to accommodate all the students on campus so it gets crowded very quickly. The University is currently in the process of building a new, state-of-the-art, recreation center off-campus for students. It is expected to be completed in January 2019.

to check it out!

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