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There are NO EXCUSES to Drive Under the Influence in Oxford

As you may have heard, Ole Miss is known to never lose a party. This reputation has expanded to encompass the city of Oxford, which is known for its Downtown Square and the abundance of entertainment it provides. As a college town with a booming nightlife, the fear and potential for drinking and driving is prevalent; however, Oxford offers many alternative modes of transportation so there is no excuse for ANYONE to drive under the influence - EVER. Whether they live on campus or off, students can find a safe ride home while protecting their lives and the lives of others.


Oxford has several different taxi services that can take students home after a night on the town. Oxford Taxi, Angel Taxi, and Q’s Taxi are just a few. Many of these taxis are vans, allowing plenty of room for larger groups. While the prices may vary depending on the company and distance, people have given the taxi services favorable reviews through social media and word of mouth. Taxis are available every day and night of the week, and some even run 24/7.


Many industries have adapted to keep up with recent technological advancements, and the transportation industry is one of them. Apps like Uber and Lyft are popular among Millennials, and both of them have made their way to Oxford. These apps allow people to reserve a vehicle, pay for the trip, and rate their driver all from their cellphones. Drivers’ ratings ensure a safe trip for passengers. While prices are usually around $15-20, they can surge above $30 when the demand is high. Like taxis, Uber and Lyft can be accessed any day or night of the week.

Safe Ride

Ole Miss Students for a Safe Ride (Safe Ride) is a student-run organization that provides students with a FREE shuttle service from campus to the square. Their goal is to raise alcohol awareness and prevent drunk driving among students. A system of six buses runs each weekend with stops near each dorm, on fraternity row and on sorority row. The pick-up/drop-off spot on the square is the parking lot across the street from Rebel Bookstore. Safe Ride operates on Thursdays and Fridays from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and on Saturdays from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Buses do not run on Saturday nights of home football games.


Living off campus does not exclude students from free transportation. Apartment communities like the Retreat, the hub, and U Club offer residents complimentary shuttle rides to and from the square. The large, high-end buses usually run from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. These shuttles run on the weekend and are normally reserved for resident use only.

The O.U.T Bus

Oxford offers public transportation in the form of the

buses. This is a FREE service to students (with their student I.D.). There are stops throughout the city of Oxford as well as campus. The schedule can be found here.

In case you haven't already hammered this home to your student, we beg you too. For their safety and the rest us on the road. There really is no excuse.

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